Eastern Leaders Group

The Eastern Leaders Group is a partnership between Eastern Michigan University and civic and private sector leaders who are collaborating to meet the immediate and long-term economic and quality of life needs of Eastern Washtenaw County.

Message from the Co-Chairs:
Reflecting back, Looking forward

Dear Friends,

Sincere thanks to our partners and supporters for another successful year! The Eastern Leaders Group carries out our mission in three important ways:
  • Collectively identify important needs and opportunities in eastern Washtenaw County
  • Support our partners’ efforts to benefit eastern Washtenaw County
  • Initiate projects and programs that enhance economic development and quality of place
Over the past five years, the Eastern Leaders have focused on addressing the recent economic recession impacts on our community. We helped to create more than 500 new jobs, assisted 87 new or expanding companies, and aided in finding tenants for 13 vacant commercial buildings. We have also received more than $1.6 M in grants for our economic programs.
Our efforts have also assisted in successfully enhancing our quality of place. West Cross Street has been revitalized; the LiveYpsi program has attracted 21 new homeowners; and our programs with the YDDA have helped update 22 commercial building façades. Additionally, a Wayfinding Project, Water Street Recreation Center, and the Freighthouse renovations are underway. The ELG has also played an important role in supporting the consolidation of the Ypsilanti and Willow Run Schools Districts.
Read more in the 2009-2014 cumulative report about our engagement in the community, and our plans to redouble our efforts in 2015 and beyond. Your ongoing participation and support is critical to our success – thank you for your part in making our way forward.

Eastern Leaders Group Co-Chairs






Gregory Dill                                 Kenneth Dobson II
Washtenaw County                   Eastern Michigan University

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